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Jonathan Wilson is an Atlanta attorney with more than 19 years of experience guiding growing private and public companies.  He currently serves as the outside general counsel of several companies and is the former general counsel of (NASDAQ: WWWW) and EasyLink Services (NASDAQ: ESIC).  He is also the founding chair of the Renewable Energy Committee of the American Bar Association's Public Utility Section.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

McCain the Reformer
Many have made the point that John McCain would do well to promote his credentials as a reformer to counter Obama's "change" mantra.

McCain's announement today that he would propose a $300 million prize to the person who developed a lightweight and inexpensive car battery that could make hybrid vehicles more widely available is a step in that direction.

What a great idea.  At the cost of $1 per U.S. citizen the prize would make rapid and tangible progress towards an idea (hybrid vehicles) that would not only assist the U.S. economy but also promote environmental concerns and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil. 

It makes you wonder what other intractable problems could be solved with a simple cash prize.
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Which is More Important?
Mitigating global warming or providing vitamin supplements to children? 

According to a recent conference in Denmark, it's vitamin supplements. 

The op-ed in the WSJ continues, as these pages have argued, that the policy questions attendant to the global warming debate are those of scarcity and choice.  Resources are scarce (or at least not infinite) and policy makers should debate the benefits of policy choices in comparison to their relative costs.

According to the conference, vitamin supplements (at a cost of only $60 million per year) could immediately benefit the lives of approximately 112 children living in poverty, preventing vitamin A and D deficiency which can lead to blindness and a host of debilitating diseases in later life.  The long-term value of those vitamin supplements would far exceed their $60 million price tag if the improved health of those children resulted in fewer health care costs in later life and improved economic output from their lives.

The value of mitigating global warming?  It ranked 30th on a list of priorities. 
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