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Jonathan Wilson is an Atlanta attorney with more than 19 years of experience guiding growing private and public companies.  He currently serves as the outside general counsel of several companies and is the former general counsel of (NASDAQ: WWWW) and EasyLink Services (NASDAQ: ESIC).  He is also the founding chair of the Renewable Energy Committee of the American Bar Association's Public Utility Section.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obama Hits New Low

The Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index has hit a new low of -15, recording that score for two days straight.  Rasmussen also reports that support for Obamacare has hit a new low, with only 38% of those surveyed in support and 60% opposed.


9:42 am est 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama has "Failed the World" and "Lied"

No, that's not the latest from Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.  It's the subhead of a recent column in Der Spiegel.  The columnist compares Obama's promise of hope and change to the administration's non-delivery of climate change legislation and its impact on the Cophenhagent climate change summit.

9:29 am est 

Innocents Abroad (and at Home)
Obama bows and the nation cringes, writes Wes Prudent with his take on our President's most recent misadventures abroad.

In addition to his bizarre lapse of protocol, Thomas Sowell writes that the President has also been bowing to world opinion in his decision to try the 9/11 conspirators in a civilian court in New York, rather than in a military tribunal.

What can account for this combination of bad judgment?  When he pitches health care or climate change, one can at least take account of the domestic constituency this President is trying to please.  But apart from handkerchief-wielding college students at an anti-globalization rally, who is it that this President thinks he is pleasing by bowing to the emperor of Japan and granting terrorists the right to a civilian trial? 

While there is a debate to be had over the method of dispensing justice to the 9/11 conspirators, the coincidence of the President's horrific bow with the announcement of the 9/11 trial decision makes for an awful picture. 
8:08 am est 

Monday, November 9, 2009

Is ObamaCare Dead on Arrival?
Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was quoted as saying the bill was dead on arrival. 

"It was bill written by liberals for liberals, and people like Joe Lieberman are not going to get anywhere near the House bill . . . It is a nonstarter in the Senate" he said.
9:18 am est 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A GOP Turnaround?

Wins in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races may signal a turnaround for the GOP's prospects.  As Dan Balz writes in the Washington Post: It's not 2008 anymore.

Republicans are now more energized than their Democrat counterparts and the rising tide of voter unease with the direction of the economy hurts incumbents.

Barring a substantial change in direction and tone, Republicans should stand to gain seats in both the House and the Senate in 2010, crimping the Democratic majority and limiting the President's ability to implement legislation in the second half of his first term. 

The legislative goals the President has set forth himself: Health Care and Climate Change will need to pass Congress before the 2010 elections get underway to have any hope of passing.

9:52 am est 

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