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Out of Balance: Prescriptions for Reforming the American Litigation System

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“[Out of Balance shows] how the American justice system front-loads scanty information, unpredictability, and the certainty of escalating legal costs to leverage weak or non-meritorious cases and victimize defendants of every kind.” —John H. Sullivan, President, Civil Justice Association of California

“Wilson takes an evenhanded approach to the subject of lawsuit reform, reporting in equal measure the clear evidence of America’s runaway tort system that favors trial lawyers and the alternatives for systemic procedural reform that will level the playing field for all participants in the legal system. . . . [Out of Balance is] a behind-the-scenes user’s guide for reform-minded business advocates and lawmakers who want to fight back and win.”—Steven B. Hantler, DaimlerChrysler

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Why are there so many frivolous lawsuits? How much money does America waste on litigation every year? Out of Balance counts the cost of our out-of-control litigation system and identifies the legal procedures and economic incentives that effectively reward lawyers who pursue weak and even silly legal claims.

Using real world examples, Jonathan B. Wilson describes how the pursuit of attorneys’ fees rests at the heart of our litigation system. He recounts alternative proposals to change the law and sets out prescriptions for reform designed to deter cases that should never be filed and resolve those that are.

Out of Balance is an invaluable guide for changing our legal system and restoring its sense of balance and fairness.
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Jonathan B. Wilson is an Atlanta attorney at the law firm of Taylor English Duma LLP.  Jonathan B. Wilson provides legal advice to investors, companies and business executives involving corporate law, securities law, SEC matters, intellectual property, website and Internet legal issues, start-ups, limited liability companies, partnerships, 1934 Act matters, outsourcing, strategic alliance agreements, contracts, and other matters of importance to growing private and publicly-traded companies.